Friday, November 12, 2010

Harmony for C1 Upgrade

This will be a quick post to share my great experience with the Harmony for C1 upgrade. I'm just beginning this journey and so far it is going wonderfully!! My Harmony upgrade was programmed on November 9, 2010, last Tuesday. I know test results only show so much and are not exactly a realistic reflection of how we are actually hearing. However, I was not surprised by these test results so all I can say is my hearing is better than I ever dared to dream back in the dark days of hearing loss prior to getting my first CI.

Drum roll....

Harmony/C1 on Left - 96% on sentences, previous test was 93%
and 66% on words, previous test was 44% (in Feb 2009 I switched from SAS to MPS - that's a previous blog post if you are interested in reading about the big switch - and started seeing improvements after that for the first time in a few years and I believe this latest upgrade to the Harmony has boosted the improvements even more!) I never dreamed I could still see this kind of improvement in my left ear after 12 years of wearing a CI without having another surgery!

Harmony/90K on Right - 100% on sentences, previous test was 99%
and 88% on words, previous test was 76%

I'm on the hearing cloud nine! T-mics in both hears what could be better?

Thank you Advanced Bionics!!

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